Government To "Forgive" $3.6 Billion in Student Debt

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In late April, we asked if for-profit college closures would represent the next multi-billion dollar taxpayer-funded bailout. While the country’s $1.3 trillion student debt bubble represents a very real risk to taxpayers over time, for-profit institutions pose a more immediate threat.
From a ‘big picture perspective, the push for student loan forgiveness and “debt-free” higher education is certainly kicking into high gear, with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders pushing ideas such as a tax on stock transactions to fund college education in America. Meanwhile, The White House is exploring more “efficient” ways for students to discharge debt in bankruptcy and the “cancel all student debt” calls have begun in earnest. That said, any kind of sweeping overhaul will likely take years to implement, but in the mean time, IBR repayment programs allow students whose post-graduation disposable income isn’t deemed sufficient, to simply pay nothing on the way to total debt forgiveness in 25 years. Clearly, many borrowers will, at some point in their lives, make enough to pay something each month, but the point is that the government is now actively promoting the fact that the full principal needn’t be repaid and this, in turn, has led to the proliferation of IBR plans and rising default risk for student loan-backed ABS.

So that’s the long-term outlook, and as we’ve said repeatedly, this likely won’t end well for taxpayers. But there’s a more immediate threat and it comes from for-profit college closures.

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