Smoking In The Park Banned, Ticketed For Cussing In Class And 14 Other Examples Of How Big Brother Is Systematically Ripping Our Liberties And Freedoms Away

Friday, February 4, 2011

When our founding fathers established this nation, they did so with the intention that government would be very limited and that there would be a tremendous amount of liberty and freedom.  But today that is such a distant memory that we don't even remember what "the land of the free and the home of the brave" actually means anymore.  Our lives are constrained by literally millions of laws, rules and regulations and it gets worse every single day.  The federal government, state governments, local governments and even homeowners associations have become absolutely tyrannical.  There is a "law" or a "rule" for almost everything now, and many of them are absolutely ridiculous.  Big Brother is ripping our liberties and freedoms away from us at a blistering pace.  Just about any activity that you can think of other than sitting completely still in utter silence in your own home is tightly regulated by government.  This is not what our founding fathers intended.
There are so many laws, rules and regulations out there today that nobody can possibly know them all, much less keep them all.  Unfortunately, politics tends to keep attracting new crops of control freaks that are eager to impose even more ridiculous laws on all of us.
We have become so tightly controlled and so tightly restrained that there is very little room for any real freedom in America today.  Do our politicians even know what they mean when they give speeches about "liberty" and "freedom" anymore?  It is almost as if those two words have completely lost their meaning.
All around us a control grid is being constructed.

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