Ron Paul: America Is The Biggest Counterfeit Machine In The History Of The World

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ron Paul told Morning Joe this morning that he is "heartened" to see that the Debt Commission embraced his and Barney Frank's call to at least look into spending cuts in the military but even that does not totally reassure him because you "need to change the policy, you can't quit one weapons system and think that's a solution if you still want to be policemen of the world."

Said Joe Scarborough: "Republicans who claim to be small deficit hawks want to stay in Afghanistan for another decade, want to continue everyone of these weapons systems. We can't balance this budget. We can't sustain ourselves fiscally if we keep spending money on these two wars."

Meanwhile, Paul thinks you could take $10 billion from building embassies and bases and but $5 billion of it into medical or unemployment benefits "to tide us over" and "put $5 billion against the deficit."

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