The Mosque Debate

Friday, August 20, 2010

By Silentboom

In one predicable move, Obama has exposed many so called "freedom advocates" as fools who lack the ability to think beyond their emotions.  The same people who have been demanding a restoration of America's founding principals were so easily led into this obvious trap of allowing Obama to turn the tables and become the defender of property rights and champion of religious freedom.  Not surprising is that so many neoconservative "tea party patriots" (Many of the "Palin faction") have snapped to attention upon hearing a mention of anything "Arab", however what is surprising is that even some libertarian minded thinkers followed their lead.  At this point, the more rational should be considering the facts that when someone owns property, it should be their prerogative to build whatever they choose irrespective of the feelings of their neighbors and other blathering simpletons who choose to involve themselves in matters that do not concern them.

At a time when regulations such as zoning have nearly erased private ownership rights (the foundation of all rights), you would think Americans would jump at the chance to defend them.  In this move, Obama has exploited a weakness in the growing liberty movement and completely divided what could be unified voters.  At the same time, he illustrated that these newly heard liberty seekers are merely the same liberal warmongering Republicans who are quick to wave the flag while screaming "kill towel heads", given the slightest temptation.  The same Republicans who have centralized power to such a degree that after inevitably stepping into office on a platform consisting of nothing more than "change", Democrats are now free to pursue socialist and corporatist agendas with what seems to be almost no resistance.  After years of working to change the direction of the morally bereft Republican party, these knee jerk reactions are debilitating to true Constitutionalists and the like.  As late as yesterday, it seems that a few are slowly realizing their folly and recognizing the right to build, yet now merely deplore the "insensitivity".  Unfortunately the damage has been done.  The opposition has show itself to be unable to differentiate Muslims from fundamentalists and coincidentally, Mosques from Community Centers (housing a culinary school, an auditorium, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and yes, space for prayer).  In addition, this "ground zero mosque" will be blocks from the actual site of ground zero near other actual mosques which have existed for decades.

Those who support the cause of freedom should think twice before reacting and following the first voices toward self destruction.  These emotionally and racially charged arguments are the same ones that allowed the United States to unconstitutionally invade Iraq without justification, destroy our monetary system by creating money out of thin air while expanding credit beyond the limits of sanity fueling the historically deadly ideas of socialism, fascism and other forms of collectivism.

We must work to adhere to our founding principals, no matter how tempting a primitive response may be or we will be forever doomed to repeat the mistakes that have taken us to the verge of collapse.  We must stoically defend property rights in all forms up to and including the single monetary unit or we will have no chance of saving our Republic.  Those of us who find ourselves unable to see the owners of this property as anything other than enemies should recall the words of Thomas Paine "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."

There is little time left to be diverted from our goals.


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